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Domains for sale

The following domain names are for sale. If you are interested, send your offer to
Payments can be done via bitcoin, ether, litecoin, byteball or most other major crypto-currencies.



The following domains are registered on Namecheap and can be pushed for free to another Namecheap domain. If you want to buy one of these domains, it is strongly recommended you create an account there.

Provide loans on a specific crypto-currency

bitshare.loan     ●     counterparty.loan     ●     digibyte.loan     ●     vericoin.loan


KodakCoin, the new currency by Kodak

kodakcoin.bid     ●     kodakcoin.biz     ●     kodakcoin.club     ●      kodakcoin.loan     ●     kodakcoin.pw     ●     kodakcoin.shop     ●     kodakcoin.site     ●     kodakcoin.store     ●     kodakcoin.trade     ●     kodakcoin.website     ●     kodakcoin.wiki     ●     kodakone.biz     ●     kodakone.press     ●     kodakone.pw     ●     kodakone.site     ●     kodakone.store


Thunder is the Lightning implementation by Blockchain.info




These domains are registered on Namesilo. You can create an account there and contact me, or you can open any site and purchase it instantly through Namesilo’s marketplace.


Premium crypto-domains in Spanish

bitclasificados.com     ●     bittienda.com     ●     eth.viajes     ●     ether.gratis     ●     ether.viajes     ●     gram.gratis


Altcoin blog/news

altcoinguardian.com     ●     globealtcoin.com     ●     altobserver.com     ●     altherald.com     ●     altguardian.com     ●     globealt.com


Ether/ethereum real estate



Telegram’s crypto-currency: gram

gram.cheap     ●     gram.claims     ●     gram.gratis     ●     gram.kaufen



litemarketplace.com     ●     litepricing.com     ●     litestore.net


Lightning, the new technology that allows instant, almost-free micro-payments with bitcoin

lightning.auction     ●     lightning.codes     ●     lightningbind.com     ●     lightningfaucet.com     ●     lightningguide.com     ●     lightningroute.com     ●     lightningtopup.com     ●     lightningwiki.com


Onion route is the routing used by Lightning and other technologies


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