Claim US$20 for free from Byteball

Byteball is offering US$20 to anyone who installs the wallet and verifies his identity. The verification process is privately done by Jumio through the Byteball wallet; your information will not be public. Only a hash is published to prove you completed the process.

This process has a cost of US$8 but, because of its referral program, I can cover this for you. Just follow these steps:

  • Enter a name and make sure you enable the option “Single address wallet”

  • Go to “Chat”, select “Bot Store” and find “Real name attestation bot”. Select it and add it

  • Open that chat. If no message is shown, write anything to start, for example “?”. Read the instructions. When asked, enter your own address by touching the  icon

  • When asked if you want to store your information private or public, it’s OK to select private
  • Now, the bot will ask you to pay US$8 for the attestation fee. I can cover this for you if:
    • You’re using your passport to verify, not your ID nor your driving license.
    • You have a account
    • Your account is Senior, Hero or Legendary with neutral or green trust; or your account is below Senior with green trust by default
    • You commit to use the US$8 to pay for attestation. Take a screenshot (how?) of the process once you’re done to prove this, even if it fails
    • If you don’t use these US$8 to complete this process, you may get negative trust. If you try and the process fails for any reason, of course you won’t get negative trust. But do PM me the screenshot
  • Copy your own address (touch-and-hodl the address you just sent) and PM it to me:;sa=send;u=169515

  • I’ll send the required amount to your address. Wait until you receive it and it confirms. Go back to the chat and make the payment. For this, touch the “Payment request” link and confirm on the next screen

  • You will receive a unique link to start the verification process. Touch the link to start the process

  • You will then be asked to take a picture of your passport and a selfie. Make sure both pictures are in focus and fully readable.
    Note the site supports a passport, ID or driving license. However, using a passport is strongly recommended as the process can fail if using an ID or license driving. Most probably this happens because formats of IDs and driving licenses change a lot from country to country, unlike passports.
  • Wait a few minutes and you’ll get your $US20 which you can keep or trade

  • Done!


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